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Top Shelf Vocal @ Fulfilling the Dream Concert

"Fulfilling the Dream" is an event dedicated to fostering community interaction, inspiring new and creative action toward social justice challenges in Los Angeles, celebrating the profound impact of Dr. King and African American leaders on American life, and opening new dialogue to further the goals of the Civil Rights Movement in the 21st Century. As a choral concert, the evening will feature choirs from across Los Angeles (see list below) and a 6:30 organ prelude by John West. Audience members will also participate in several of the songs. The evening will feature guest speakers who will represent some of the important initiatives for social movement in Los Angeles. Participants will be encouraged to take action, finding connections with other change-oriented participants who are gathered. In what will become an annual event, this inaugural evening will serve as a hub for positive change in Los Angeles.

Featured Choruses Include
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, Gavin Thrasher, Director
Vox Femina, Iris Levine, Director
Tonality, Alexander Lloyd Blake, Director
DLW Community Chorus, Dr. James Calhoun, Director
Top Shelf, Aaron Schumacher, Director
C3LA, LA's Contemporary Choral Collective
FCCLA Cathedral Choir, Dr. David Harris, Music Director, Alexander Lloyd Blake, Assistant Director
Commonwealth Community Chorus, Dr. David Harris, Director
Selah Gospel Choir DeReau K. Farrar, Artistic Director
Reseda Mass Choir, Sherdale Smith, Director