Top Shelf Vocal: Magna Carta

Top Shelf Vocal is a semi-professional collective of vocal artists dedicated to growth and collaboration between musicians and media, based in Los Angeles.


Music Director

Non-voting member and board adviser responsible for overseeing musical decisions of the group including, but not limited to: repertoire, rehearsal, performance opportunities, and auditions.

Board of Directors

  • Assistant Music Director: Takes on Music Director (MD) duties when MD is absent, facilitates repertoire selection and organizing small group numbers, critiques arrangements with MD.

  • Business Manager: Organizes group performances by chiefly contacting clients, communicating with members, and negotiating group payment.

  • Publicity Manager: Oversees all efforts made on behalf of the group to create an established brand and following through the use of social and print media.

  • Secretary: Enforces bylaws set in the Magna Carta, records attendance and discussions in order to communicate all relevant information to group members.

  • Treasurer: Collects and records monies from group members or clients in addition to reconciling finances owed to any outside party and/or purchases.


Auditions are held semi-annually, or whenever deemed necessary. The audition process is to be facilitated Music Director with group input, if requested. Auditions happen in two phases:

  • Solo Dynamic: Scales, Solo Singing, and Range

  • Group Dynamic: Ensemble Singing, Preparation, and Memorization Individuals who have passed the initial audition will be invited to callback auditions.

Newly-admitted members will have a trial membership period from one (callback) to three rehearsals.



Rehearsals are 3 hours in length and held weekly: Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Rehearsals, unless otherwise communicated are to be held at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

Two members each week are responsible for providing snack for the group. Rehearsal agendas for upcoming rehearsals are to be distributed by the end of the previous week. There is a 5-minute grace period before a member is considered tardy to a rehearsal.

Conflicts causing a member to miss a rehearsal must be communicated to the Secretary three weeks prior. Missing four rehearsals in one season will result in potential removal.


Repertoire is chosen by group members and programmed by the Assistant Music Director.


All members are eligible to audition for solos. Audio files of chosen segment must be sent to Music Director. Music Director chooses soloist and back-up soloist for each solo.



Fees attained from gigs are used to supplement member dues and cover additional operational costs. Members will be responsible for costs to cover wardrobe options if required attire is not originally owned.

Availability for gigs is requested from each member by the Business Manager prior to booking. If a member's given availability coincides with the gig, that member is committed. Failing to follow through on two committed gigs may lead to member's removal. If not all members are needed, Music Director will choose gig personnel.


Concerts are planned either on or before the start of a given season. Conflicts for concerts must be declared within two weeks of a member's first rehearsal of the season.

Sustaining Membership


Dues cover standard operating costs of the group and special full-group activities. Member may pay the Treasurer via cash, check, or online transfer. Dues must be paid in full within 30 days of a season's first rehearsal.

Dues for the Fall 2019 season will be $150.00.


Top Shelf Vocal has, since inception, remained a social and musical organization intended for all people, regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, or social class. Along with the group's commitment to inclusion, we expect the same of our members.

If a member were to ever experience something otherwise or negative in any way, those issues may be brought to the Social Chair or any Board Member with which the member is comfortable speaking.


Members may choose to take one season away from the group, called 'leave'. Notice of Leave must be communicated to Music Director no more than 10 days after a season's final concert.

After notifying stated parties of a member's intent to leave, said member may choose to re-audition or put forth a $50 deposit to be used in lieu of an audition (credited toward their next-season membership dues).